Tableau Graph 1

This graph shows the United States is about fairing decent as far as average profits are concerned in relationship to the rest of the world. There is however a lot of room to improve. Most other countries average profits are higher than the United States, but the U.S. isn't in the negative average profits like some countries.

Tableau Graph 2

New York's average profit is higher than the majority of the other states. They have had many more sales than most other states. This means their profits have been higher consistently over a long period of time.

Tableau Graph 3

In the state of New York technology sales produced the most profit. On average it produced over three times as much profit as the other two categories combined. Office supplies were the next most profitable on average followed lastly by furniture.

Tableau Graph 4

Average profit sales in New York have fluxuated a lot over the past four years. Looking to the future, the expected average profit is around 177 dollars.